CAGE Code : 8AUG0

Duns# : 109436681

Important Information

Our Industrial Doors

  1. Heavy duty operator with floor level manual chain hoist and brake release
  2. Soft Start/Stop motor control
  3. Opening speeds up to 60″ per second
  4. Twin C15-channel, self-supporting head member, fully assembled with operator in position, door panel, lifting and safety belts in position and ready for installation
  5. Door fabric panel overlaps the 3″ door guides on interior and exterior to provide excellent weather seal
  6. Bottom beam with reinforced EPDM floor weather seal completely assembled and installed
  7. Top weather seal created by fabric overlapping top beam
  8. High cycle lifting belts
  9. Increased protection with backup safety lifting belts
  10. Hand chain with power cut off safety switch
  11. Counter weight carriage, tower & cable assembly
  12. Custom wall mounted, control panels
  13. Dual layer PVC coated horizontal folding door panel
  14. Horizontal beams spaced for high wind resistance
  15. Pre-assembled self-supporting side jambs/guides ready for installation

What You Need to Know

  • Dual layer fabric panel with internal structural beams provides extreme wind load capacity
  • Made for all industrial applications including very large door openings
  • High speed opening up to 60-inches per second
  • Pre-assembled low profile self-supporting head member
  • Pre-assemble shop fabricated, self-supporting steel side frames / & guides
  • Weight counter balance system
  • Floor level brake release — floor level manual hand chain hoist operator
  • Multiple motor operators to choose from
  • Fabric options including high temperature
  • Control panels for every application and environment

Our Products

    • Maximum width with Steel horizontal beams: 36 ft.
    • Maximum width with Aluminum horizontal beams: 24 ft.
    • High Speed Opening up to 60 inches per second
    • Standard Opening speed: 12 inches per second
    • Optional wind load up to 130-mph hurricane strength
    • Standard wind load of 88-mph or 20-psf
    • Weight Counter Balance System
    • Floor level brake release and manual hand chain operator
    • Fabric Colors: Blue, Black, Yellow, Orange, Red, Tan, Green, White

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    • For door openings up to 60 ft. wide
    • High Speed opening up to 48″ per second
    • Standard opening speed: 12″ per second
    • Optional wind load up to 175-mph hurricane strength
    • Standard wind load: 88-mph or 20-psf
    • Weight counter balance system
    • Floor level manual brake release and hand chain operator
    • Optional: High temp and high humidity fabrics

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    • For difficult environments
    • Large door openings
    • Multiple door systems
    • Extreme wind load
    • Custom design and build

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