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What size doors can MAXDoor provide?

We can provide any size door that you may require. MAXDoors are typically available in door widths from 8-ft wide to 80-ft wide. The wider the door the larger the horizontal beam. Horizontal beam size and spacing are determined by the required wind load. We can provide any door height you may need. When sizing a MAXDoor we refer to the Clear Door Opening size.

What Door speed is available?

Standard door speed is 10-12 inches per second. Model SD High Speed doors are available in speeds up to 60-inches per second, depending on door size. Model HD High Speed doors are available in speeds up to 36” per second depending on door size. All Doors including Model HD-XL are available as a custom High-Speed Door.

Can you provide 150-psf wind load?

Yes, all door sizes are available with High Wind Load or High Positive / Negative Pressure Resistance. We can offer high wind load for any size door opening because of the variety of horizontal beam sizes and the ability to change the horizontal beam spacing. We can offer higher wind loads if needed. Wind load is directly affected by the width of the door required and not necessarily the height.

How does the MAXDoor withstand high wind loads?

The dual layer fabric curtain has aluminum horizontal beams spaced at typically 36” centers. These horizontal beams transfer the wind load into the door guides and then into the building steel. MAXDoors are designed for a constant wind load and do not go by a 3 second wind burst typical of the local building codes.

What is the fabric weight and temperature range?

  • The standard PVC fabric is 20 to 22 ounce PVC.
  • It has a temperature range of -35 degrees to 150-degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Low Temperature, High Temperature and Alternate Material to PVC fabrics are available: For more information call MAXDoor at 248-915-5838.

Are alternate fabrics available?

Yes – Alternate fabrics are available.  We have fabric for High Temperature, Low temperature, Sound Reduction, Insulation (R-12), Anti-Static, Transparent (Frosted), Security (Cut proof), Rubber, Insect Screen, Windows, (call MAXDoor at 248-915-5838 for information)

What are the space requirements?

  • The Model SD side room is 3.5 inches on both sides of the door opening and still provides a clear door opening.
  • The Model SD door has a 14” high Head member. The total door height depends on the number of horizontal beams and fabric pleats. For an accurate dimension contact MAXDoor at 248-915-5838
  • The Model HD door side room can be as small as 7” on both sides of the door opening and still provide a clear door opening.
  • The Model HD door has a 16” high Head Member. The total door height depends on the number of horizontal beams and fabric pleats. For an accurate dimension contact MAXDoor at 248-915-5838

Is all the steel provided with the MAXDOOR?

  • Yes, all MAXDoors include the self-support frame for the side jamb / guides and the head member.
  • The self-support steel on the Model SD includes the steel angle and flat plate that the door guides attach to.
  • The self-support steel is an integral part of the MAXDoor and ties the Head Member and side frames together.
  • All of the self-support steel is prefabricated and preassembled in the factory.
  • The prefabricated steel shipped with the MAXDoor is ready for installation.
  • We recommend installing a brace at each horizontal rib on the building. This steel is normally provided by the installer. These brackets can be shipped with the door if requested during the approval process.

What happens if the MAXDoor gets hit?

Typically, when there is a collision between a lift truck and a MAXDoor the horizontal beams flex and pop out of the door guides without any damage to the Horizontal Beams, Guides, Guide Blocks or Lifting belts.

Are parts readily available?

What fabric colors are available?

  • Tan, Grey, Red, White, Black, Green, Blue, Yellow
  • Transparent (Frosted)

Can MAXDoor provide installation?

Yes, MAXDoor can assist your door contractor to provide you with a turnkey installation.

Will I still have a warranty if my door contractor installs the MAXDoor?

Yes, every MAXDoor is covered by a warranty. If you have installation questions or concerns, we can be there to help or answer any questions.  Contact us today for assistance.

Is installation supervision available?

Yes contact MAXDoor at 248-915-5838

What controls are available?

  • Simple Push Button Operation
  • Fully Automatic Operation
  • Vestibule / Air Lock
  • Explosion Proof
  • Freezer / Cooler
  • Combination Door / Heater
  • Loading Dock Combination Door, Dock Leveler, Truck Restraint, Light Communication

Is the MAXDoor self-supporting?

Yes, the model SD and HD are self-supporting. (See Question above: Is All the Steel Provided with the MAXDoor?)

Is the MAXDoor insulated?

  • The door panel construction has a fabric / air space / fabric arrangement. This arrangement does offer an R-value of about 3.5 on a 4” thick door and about 5.5 on a 6” thick door.
  • We do offer an optional Radiant reflective barrier insulated curtain that has a R-15 value according to the insulation manufacture.

What Voltage is available?

  • 230, 380, 460, 575-volt 3-Phase
  • 120, 208, 220, 230-volt Single phase
  • Other voltages are available

Is a manual MAXDoor available?

  • Yes, a manual door is available for locations that do not have any power
  • A Manual Chain Hoist is available for the door.

Does the MAXDoor have a counter weight system?

  • The counter weight system is an option that is available on all doors.
  • The counter weight system has many benefits.
  • The counter weight system makes it much easier to raise a door without power.
  • The counter weight system makes opening a door in manual mode faster.

How is the door lifted?

MAXDoors are raised and lowered via lifting belts that wrap around a belt drum in the head member. A gear motor turns the main shaft that is attached to the belt drums. For every lifting belt, there is a redundant lifting belt to back it up. The back-up redundant lifting belts are the same size and capacity of the lifting belts.

How long does the fabric last?

The standard PVC fabric has an estimated life of 20-years.

Does the fabric fade due to UV?

The Fabric Curtain material is U.V. stabilized for long life.

What about security with a fabric door?

  • MAXDoors can be used for some types of security, for instance crowd control.
  • A tough cut / cut proof fabric like Kevlar is available for minimizing break-ins via cutting through the fabric.
  • An option for locking the MAXDoor down in the closed position is available.
  • Latches are available to keep the door from being raised or lifted up.

What happens if a belt or cable breaks?

  • There are several lifting belts on every MAXDoor. If one should break the door will still operate.
  • Switches monitor the lifting belts. Should a belt break the door can be turned off.
  • By having multiple belts rather than just one, the door will continue to operate.

How would you operate the door in case of a power or motor failure?

  • There is a manual hand crank for manually raising the door.
  • An optional floor level manual hand chain is available.
  • The door is lowered by manually releasing the brake and controlling the door as it is lowered.

How much does the door weigh?

  • Door weight varies by size. For an accurate weight contact MAXDoor at 248-915-5838
  • MAXDoors weigh less than Rubber Doors, Rolling Steel, or Vertical Lift Steel doors of the same size.
  • MAXDoor models HD and SD are provided with a structural steel self-support system. This minimizes the load on the building.

What happens if you have a tear in the fabric?

If the curtain is torn and needs to be patched you cover the torn area with PVC curtain material and secure the patch with adhesive or double sided tape.

Can the MAXDoor be cleaned?

  • The Curtain panel can be cleaned with a mild cleaner like “Simple Green”.
  • The curtain can be power washed with a medium pressure washer.
  • Electrical devices should not be washed.

Can the door be made for explosion proof environments?

  • Yes the MAXDoor can be made for explosion proof environments.

How does MAXDoor reduce operational and energy costs?

  • MAXDoor reduces operational costs by having a service life of 20-25 years. MAXDoors are designed for hundreds of thousands or millions of cycles with minimum maintenance costs. MAXDoors operate faster than rolling steel, sectional overhead, or other vertical lift doors. This faster operating speed helps minimize heating or cooling costs.
  • MAXDoors reduce energy costs by minimizing air entering the building when closed.   The fabric panel is one piece so there is no place for the wind to penetrate. Unlike a rolling steel door or sectional overhead door that has many joints or areas for the wind to enter. The MAXDoor curtain also overlaps the door guides by 2.5 inches. The weather seal keeps the wind out at the sides of the door. An optional brush and vinyl weather seal is available for extreme weather sealing.

How do Climate Controlled Buildings benefit by using MAXDoor?

MAXDoors reduce operating and energy costs on Climate controlled buildings by operating faster and by minimizing air infiltration when the door is closed. An insulated door panel is also available.

How does MAXDoor save on service calls?

  • MAXDoors require very little maintenance and when accidentally hit, they often pop out of the door guides without any damage to the door.
  • MAXDoor is the only door with this type of capability because of its durable parts and flexible design.

How is MAXDoor built?

MAXDoor is built with dual layer fabric panels that operate like a roman shade allowing the weight and wind load to transfer from the traveling door panel to the door guide at every horizontal beam.

Why is the MAXDoor the perfect replacement for a rolling steel door?

  • Typically fits in the same amount of side room as a rolling steel door.
  • Requires much less maintenance.
  • Costs less to purchase on large door openings.
  • Lasts longer as it is designed for many more cycles than a rolling steel door.
  • Provides a much better weather seal.
  • Opens and closes much faster than rolling steel doors.

How does the MAXDoor improve safety concerns?

  • Safety is everyone’s concern and MAXDoor does more than other door manufacturers to protect the employees, product, and equipment around the door opening.
  • We use multiple lifting belts to protect against dropping.
  • The door guides are free from any lifting belts or mechanical devices so it can break away during impact without damage.
  • We use a parallel shaft motor gearbox with brake.
  • Photo-eyes, reversing edges, sensors, are all available to provide additional protection.
  • Intelligent door control panels monitor the area on both sides of the door opening to control when a door can open or close.
  • Lifting belts stay attached to the bottom beam and swing with the door panel when there is a collision.

Who can answer my questions regarding a MAXDoor or provide a quote?

Contact MAXDoor or call 248-915-5838

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