Government/Military Capabilities

Aerospace Center – Alaska

Business Summary

MAXDoor manufactures Vertical Lift Fabric and Custom Door Systems.

These Vertical Lift Fabric or Custom Door Systems are used on military and government buildings that have large door openings and require a very reliable door system.

Vertical Lift Fabric Doors can be found on Hangars, Repair / Maintenance Buildings, Fire Stations, Shipyards, Aerospace, and as Crane-bay doors, etc.

Government/Military Capabilities

Design, Engineer and Manufacture Vertical Lift Fabric Doors | Consulting
Design, Engineer and Manufacture Replacement Door Systems | Project Management
Provide New and Replacement Door Controls and Operators | Installation Supervision | Provide Replacement and After Market Parts

Military Base – Hawaii


MAXDoor is a leader in the door Industry and is recognized as being experts in the design, engineering, and manufacturing of Vertical Lift Fabric Doors and custom door systems.

Industries Served

MAXDoor serves the following industries with its industrial door products, industrial door parts, consulting, and engineering services:  Aerospace | Military | Waste Handling | Agriculture | Aviation | Mining | Steel Mills | Cement | Lumber | Automotive | Repair/Maintenance Shops | Manufacturing | Technology | Water Treatment | Rapid Rescue Stations | Power Generation | Shipyards | Environment Separation.

Industry Codes

DUNS Number: 109436681 | NAICS Codes: 236210, 236220, 237990, 238290, 332321, 332999, 335999, and 811310

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