CAGE Code : 8AUG0

Duns# : 109436681

Manufacturing and Processing

MAXDoor provides vertical lift fabric doors for the Manufacturing and Processing Industries with the following features:

  • MAXDoor Self Supporting Vertical Lift Fabric Door
  • Model SD for Openings up to 30-ft Wide x 30-ft High
  • 36” per sec. High Speed Opening. Faster Opening Speeds are Available
  • Designed to Take a Hit with Minimum Damage to the Door
  • Minimum Load on Building Structure
  • Excellent Environment Separation
  • 20-25 Year Service Life
  • Substantially Reduces Annual Operating and Maintenance Costs
  • Less Expensive than Roll Up Fabric, Rubber, Rolling Steel and Steel Vertical Lift Doors
  • High Positive and Negative Wind Resistance

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