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How Our Doors Work

Watch how our fabric folds into pleats!

MAXDoor Industrial Vertical Lift Fabric Doors —

MAXDoors are vertical lifting fabric industrial doors that have been designed by people with years of experience. This industrial door system allows you the flexibility to build a door specific to your needs using standard components. There are several models to choose from starting at the top with extreme-duty, industrial, standard, commercial, and custom. Whatever your application is, our application engineers can select the best door for your application.

Considering an Industrial Door?

When selecting which MAXDoor is best for you, several key items are considered:

Wind load

What is the wind/air pressure at this location. Does the door face the prevailing wind? Does this door require a higher ability to resist the wind? Is there a source for additional positive/negative air pressure inside the plant. Is the door location interior where wind load may not be a factor?

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HD Model MAXDoors are furnished with a engineered self-supporting head member and self-supporting side jamb/guides. This engineered, shop fabricated and assembled system puts the minimum amount of load on your building. Doors by other manufactures require a structural engineer to evaluate if the building can support the weight and load of their door. HD model doors are typically used on door opens over 30-ft in width. SD Model doors are used in door openings less than 30-ft in width.

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Open and close speeds are typically between 10-12" per second. Is a faster operating speed required for better environment separation? Is a faster opening speed required to prevent collisions? What door speed is required to accommodate vehicle traffic? MAXDoors operate at speeds up to 60" per second.

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Safety is always at the forefront of making any door decisions. Protecting employees, product, and equipment always comes first. Our anti-collision, fully automatic, fail safe door control panels minimize the possibility of human error.

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How many times an hour will this door open? How many times a day will this door open. MAXDoor has multiple operators to choose from. Having a variety of operators allows you to purchase exactly what you need. Why purchase a million cycle door when it only operates in the winter months? Why purchase a motor operator when a floor level manual chain hoist operator will do?

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MAXDOOR Model - for Door Widths up to

  • Model SD up to 30-ft wide
  • Model SD-High Speed up to 30-ft wide
  • Model HD up to 60-ft wide
  • Model HD-High Speed up to 60-ft wide
  • Model HD-XL for over 60-ft
  • Model MD-Manual for up to 24-ft wide

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